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          Established in 1980, the Devil's Artisan (DA) is Canada's 'Journal of the Printing Arts'. We foster an appreciation of the physical and social aspects of bookmaking in Canada, reaching out to a global audience of typographic and printing arts enthusiasts who appreciate the value of the printed word even in this digital age.

          Latest Issues

          DA 87

          Fall/Winter 2020

          In This Issue:

          • Trading in the Real: Andrew King and Design on the Canadian Prairies by Bonne Zabolotney and Joel Derksen
          • The Wonderful Worlds of Walter Trier, Illustrator by Warren Clements
          • Recuperating Magazine Digest: Jewish Identity and Cultural Nationalism in Canadian Publishing by Jaleen Grove
          • & more ...
          DA 86

          Spring/Summer 2020

          In This Issue:

          • Bill Poole's Bean Field by Gordon Sisler
          • The MacOdrum Library Book Arts Lab at Carleton by Larry Thompson
          • An Interview with Heavenly Monkey's Rollin Milroy by John Shoesmith
          • Cylinder Presses in Canadian Museums by Stephen Sword
          • Goudy Cloister Initials by Richard Kegler
          • A Rogues' Gallery: Deborah Barnett >by Don McLeod
          DA 85

          Fall/Winter 2019

          In This Issue:

          • Robert Rosewarne, Fran Jones and the Small Press in 1960s Ottawa by Cameron Anstee
          • Experimental Comics Publishing by Daniel Marrone
          • The Thing about Major Street by Tim Inkster
          • The Hunting of the Snark by George A. Walker
          • Beaufonte Showcard Script by Richard Kegler
          • A Rogues' Gallery: Patrick Griffin By Don McLeod
          DA 84

          Spring/Summer 2019

          In This Issue:

          • The Columbus Suite by Anong Migwans Beam
          • Carl Beam's Columbus Suite by Tom Smart
          • Grab an Apron and Get to Work by Julia King
          • Miscellany by Jan Figurski
          • Preissig Calligraphic by Richard Kegler
          • A Rogues' Gallery: Tom McNeely By Chester Gryski

          More to Explore

          The Rogues' Gallery Dingbats Section

          The Devil's Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

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